In her newest book, Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes walks you through 100+ activities to help you rewire your brain and address the symptoms of depression.

Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Table of Contents

Activity: Turn off Autopilot
Activity: What Makes You Tick?
Activity: Create a Rich and Meaningful Life

The Function of Emotions: Protection
Anger & Anxiety
Activity : Goals of Anger and Anxiety
Activity: Understanding Threats (What triggers your anxiety or depression)
Activity: The Impact of Resentment
Guilt: Anger at Yourself and Energy Tied Up in the Past
Activity: Guilt Pack
Activity: Fix It and Forget It.
Activity: Right and Wrong.
Activity: Get A Second Opinion.
Activity: Start A Guilt Journal.
Activity: No Guilt Allowed.
Activity: Bill of Rights.
Activity: Jealousy/Envy
Activity: Losses
Activity : Grief and Acceptance
Emotion Management
Activity: What is that Smell
Activity: Ride the Wave.
Activity: Commitment.
Activity: Make Lemonade.
Activity: Serenity
Find Your Inner Child (AKA Take Off the Fun Filter)
Activity: How to Be a Kid
Activity: Play Date
Belly Laugh
Activity: Daily Laughter.
The Art of Distraction
Activity: Distraction Inventory.
Activity: Your Happy Place.
Activity: Start a project.
Perceptions: “Life is 10% reality and 90% what you make of it.”
Activity: Internal or External
Activity: ABC Worksheet
Cognitive Distortions
Activity: Unhelpful Thoughts.
Activity: Thinking Errors
Shoulds: Who Said?
Activity: Should List.
Optimism and Cognitive Restructuring
Activity: Optimism
Activity: Flip a Coin
Activity: Journaling or Drawing
Self Esteem
Activity: Self Esteem Activity
Activity: Add in the Good
Activity: Affirmations
Activity: Fault Balancing
Activity: Give Me Credit
Activity: Positive People
Activity: Self-Improvement
Activity: Change What You Can
Activity: Good Deeds
Activity: Have Patience
Activity: Double Standard
Activity: Get over yourself
Activity: Dealing with Embarrassment
Time Management
Activity: Time Management
Activity: Type A
Activity: Time Juggler
Activity: Procrastinator
Activity: Perfectionist
Activity: Eager to Please
Activity: Eliminate, Delegate and Prioritize
Goal Setting
Activity: Experimenting with Change.
Activity: Grounding Activity
Activity: Meditation Practice
Activity: Get Moving
Activity: Make Exercise Fun
Activity: Stretch
Activity: Try Reflexology or Massage
Activity: Cued Progressive Muscular Relaxation
Activity: Exercise The Other Part Of Your Brain
Activity: Exploring Your Hobbies and Interests
Activity: Create a Menu
Activity: Tips for Improving Sleep
Activity: Rise and Sunshine
Pain Management
Activity: Pain Management
Activity: Medications
Healthy Relationships
Activity: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Activity: Characteristics of Healthy Relationships
Activity: Nurturing Relationships
Assertive Communication
Activity: Assertive Communication Tips
Understanding Temperament
Activity: Know Your Temperament
Understanding Your Environment Preferences
Understanding Your Learning Preferences
Understanding What Motivates You and What You Based Your Decisions On
Understanding Your Time Management Style
Understanding Your Communication Preferences
Learn to say no (and yes)
Activity: Priority List
Activity: Mindful Time Management
Activity: Baggage Claim
Activity: Furry Friends
Values Identification
Activity: Identify your values
Activity: Responsibility and Discipline
Activity: Tolerance and Patience
Activity: Trust Yourself
Activity: Inner Security
Activity: Spiritual Wisdom.
Activity: Gratitude Journal
Activity: Attitude of Gratitude
Activity: Humility
Activity: Nature Walk.
Activity: Mindful Awareness
Activity: Benefits of Feeling Connected
Activity: River Rock Exercise
Living in the Here-and-Now
Activity: Focus on the Present
Purposeful Action
Activity: Purposeful Action
Activity: Triggers for Happiness
Order and Organization
Activity: Say Cheese
Activity: De-Clutter
Comfort and Relaxation
Activity: Home Spa
Activity: Aromatherapy
Activity: Unplug
Final Notes