Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental health disorder, and come in different varieties. While they have different causes and symptoms, one thing people with anxiety disorders share are feelings of deep fear, concern, stress or being overwhelmed that affect their mood, thinking and behavior. If you have an anxiety disorder, your thoughts and feelings may get in the way of taking the actions needed to be healthy and productive. Anxiety disorders can get worse over time if they are not treated. In this section we will talk about generalized anxiety and panic attacks/panic disorder.

Many things cause anxiety including too much caffeine or other stimulants such as preworkout supplements or decongestants, poor quality sleep preventing your brain chemicals from rebalancing, poor nutrition and, of course, stress.

People who have, for least six months, felt ongoing and excessive anxiety and tension may have generalized anxiety disorder. They usually expect the worst and worry about things, even when there is no sign of problems. They often experience the following symptoms:

Always feeling “stressed out”  |  Headaches  |  Insomnia  |Dizziness  |Fatigue | Irritability  |  Shaking/trembling  | High blood pressure  | Shortness of breath | Hot flashes  | Muscle tension

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