Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

In her newest book, Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes walks you through daily activities to help you transform your mindset and more effectively use your energy to propel yourself toward a life of love and abundance. You will learn tools to help you improve your patience with yourself and others; enjoy what you have in the moment; develop respect for yourself and others; forgive yourself and others; increase your earnestness (dedication) in all that you do; enhance your compassion for yourself and others; live more truthfully and authentically; and become more selfless, humble and exuberant. Links to additional video resources from Dr. Snipes' YouTube channel are also included to help you deepen your understanding of these concepts and explore additional tools.


Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Parable of the Fisherman and the Businessman: Creating a Life of Abundance 3
Preparatory Exercise 5
Patience with Yourself, Others or the Situation 7
Impact of Patience 7
Patience Self-Assessment 9
Strategies for Developing Patience 11
What does Patience Look Like 11
BETA Testing 12
Progress and Micro-Goals 14
Empathy and Perspective Taking 16
Radical Acceptance and Distress Tolerance 18
Enjoying What You Have in the Moment… 21
Impact of Mindfulness and Enjoying Life in the Moment 21
Mindfulness, Enjoyment and Gratitude Self-Assessment 22
Strategies for Enjoying Life in the Moment 23
Mindfulness & Purposeful Action 23
Attitude of Gratitude 24
Optimism Breaks 25
Hardiness 26
Jealousy and Assumptions 27
Respect 28
Impact of Respect 28
Respect Self-Assessment 29
Strategies for Developing Respect 30
Self-Talk: Positive, Empowering and Constructive (THINK) 30
Ditch Conditional Love 32
Assertiveness 33
Alternate Explanations 35
The Golden Rule 36
Forgiving of Yourself and Others 37
Impact of Forgiveness 37
(Lack of) Forgiveness Self-Assessment 38
Strategies for Developing Forgiveness 39
Self Forgiveness 39
Turn It Into a Learning Experience to Enhance Safety. 41
Was It Really About You? (Projection and Context) 42
Doing the Best with the Tools Available 44
Guilt Bill of Rights 46
Earnestness (Dedicated/Focused) in All You Do 47
Impact of Dedication 47
Earnestness Self-Assessment 47
Strategies for Developing Earnestness 48
One Thing in the Moment 48
Enhance Motivation 50
Personal Mission and Vision Statement/Purpose 51
Pros and Cons List 52
Visualization of Success and Reward 53
Compassionate with Yourself and Others 54
Impact of Compassion 54
Compassion Self-Assessment 55
Strategies for Developing Compassion 56
Loving Kindness Meditation 56
Empathy–Not Just When People Make You Upset 58
What would you say to a friend? 60
Silence the Shoulds 61
Develop Emotional Intelligence 62
Truthfulness and Authenticity 63
Impact of Truthfulness and Authenticity 63
Truthfulness and Authenticity Self-Assessment 64
Strategies for Developing Truthfulness and Authenticity 65
Mindful Self-Awareness 65
Enhance Self-esteem to Reduce Fear of Rejection 66
People Pleasing and Authenticity 68
Authentic Supports 69
Practice the Pause 70
Selflessness 71
Impact of Selflessness 71
Selflessness Self-Assessment 72
Strategies for Developing Selflessness 73
Random Acts of Kindness 73
Self-Care is Selfless not Selfish 75
Notice and Celebrate Other’s Achievements 76
Abundance Mentality 77
Practice Awareness of Your Environment 78
Meekness/Humility 79
Impact of Meekness/Humility 79
Meekness and Self-Assessment 80
Strategies for Developing Meekness 81
Credit Where Credit Is Due 81
Seek Feedback without Defensiveness 82
Be Open to Learning from Everyone and Everything 84
Acceptance of Things You Cannot Change 85
Awe and Wonder 86
Exuberance 87
Impact of Exuberance 87
Exuberance Self-Assessment 87
Strategies for Developing Exuberance 88
Be a Survivor Not a Victim 88
See the Positives and the Progress 90
Choose the Right Goals and the Right Rewards 91
Get Encouragement and Support 93
Through the Eyes of a Child 94
Additional Resources 97
Video series: 6 Weeks to a Happier, Healthier You 97
Video Series: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Nuggets 97
Video Series: Serenity, Powerlessness and Unmanageability 97
Video Series: Meditation 97
Video Series: 100+ Practical Tools to Defeat Your Depression 97
Video Series: Mental Health Month 2020 97
Ending Thoughts 97