Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery
Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery
49 -21 Tips for Health and Happiness

20 Daily Habits
Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

~ Start the day with a mindfulness reflection
~ Envision your day each morning to help you get focused
~ Eat a healthy breakfast
~ Get exercise (2/30)
~ Sit less and stand more
~ Get sunlight (but wear sunscreen)
~ Stretch
~ Practice good sleep hygiene
~ Reflect on 3 positive things you did each day
~ Practice an attitude of gratitude… I am thankful for…
~ Laugh at least once a day
~ Create a sanctuary space
~ Carry a water bottle around with you
~ Learn something new
~ Tell someone you appreciate them
~ Eat mindfully
~ Reach out to a friend
~ Pet/snuggle an animal
~ Get up and ready at a reasonable hour
~ Cut out caffeine after noon
~ Practice moderation