Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery
Happiness Isn't Brain Surgery
55-Creating a Rich and Meaningful Life

Creating a Rich and Meaningful Life
Host: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

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~ First get honest about who and what is important in your life
~ If you woke up tomorrow and were living a rich and meaningful life, what would it be like?
~ Emotionally
~ What does it look like when you are happy?
~ What makes you happy now? How can you increase these things.

~ Mentally
~ What would your attitude be like?
~ How can you improve your attitude if needed?

~ Spiritually
~ What are the top 5 values that are most important to you? (Honesty, compassion, trustworthiness, loyalty, generosity…)
~Why are these things important to you?

~ What would your health be like?
~ Is there anything that needs attention
~ How can you improve your energy?~ Socially
~ What does a healthy, fulfilling relationship look like to you?
~ Occupationally
~ What gives you fulfillment at your job?
~ Recreationally
~ What hobbies and activities are important to you?
~ How can you ensure that you are doing them regularly?

Next Week
~ Increasing motivation for making the changes to live a rich and meaningful life and addressing fears that may be holding you back
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